SEAPORT Enhanced

SeaPort-e is a multiple award contract vehicle that allows the Navy to consolidate its contracting activities, institute consistent acquisition policies, and eliminate duplication of procurement costs. The contract uses performance-based task orders to procure engineering, technical, and programmatic support services with the goal of reducing costs and improving productivity. C2G has received a prime contract award as a result of the Seaport e Rolling Admissions in June 2016 for Zone 3 (Mid-Atlantic), Zone 4 (Gulf Coast) and Zone 6 (Southwest).

C2G has selected four functional areas as representative of our technical capabilities:

•            Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support (3.2)

•            Training Support (3.18)

•            Program Support (3.20)

•            Functional and Administrative Support (3.21)

Alliance Technical Services, Inc. (ATS) is a technical services company providing mechanical system overhaul and repair; equipment installation; manufacturing and fabrication; and technical support for marine mechanical systems. ATS also provides administrative and business development support services, temporary labor services, and logistics support services. The company holds a GSA LOGWORLD and Facilities Maintenance and Management contracts. ATS is a Veteran-owned Small Business.

Alliance Technical Services, Inc. supports a variety of Government and commercial customers and enjoys long term relationships with many of its business partners. These customers include NSSA Portsmouth, VA; U.S. Coast Guard Maintenance & Logistics Command; Navy Submarine Support Facility; 30th/50th/72nd/90th CONS United States Air Force; Cargotec USA; and Marine Hydraulics International, Inc.


Ordering Activity

California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA  91109-8099

Contract/Task Order Number


Contract Type

Labor Hour

Total Contract Cost


Period of Performance

April 2005 to March 2015

Description of Effort

C2G provided on-going support to JPL, NASA’s lead center for our Nations robotic exploration of the solar system. Our staff of scientists, engineers, information technology specialists and technical support personnel; provided services to JPL in areas that included those outlined in the SOW functional areas.  These services were provided across a wide spectrum of JPL projects like ASTER, Cassini, GPS Earth Observatory, Mars Science Laboratory, MER, SMAP, and Stardust. Tasking included program and business management, training support and administrative support.

Types of Personnel Provided – This contract involved both Professional and Non-Professional (Service Contract Act) personnel.  The following Labor Categories are provided:

Hardware, Software and Systems Engineers
Systems Designers
Computer Programmers
Web Developers
Systems Administrators
Graphic Designers
Assistants and Technicians

Computer Operators
Various Types of Analysts (including Software and Computer Analysts)
Audio-Visual Operators
Shop Personnel
Off-Site Maintenance Personnel
Clean-Room Support Personnel
Quality Assurance Inspectors
Material Expeditors
Technical Writers

Relevancy to Functional Areas

Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support FA 3.2.  C2G has supported JPL in a project setting with other mechanical engineers to design, develop, and qualify mechanical ground support equipment. This included assessing project needs and developing mechanical integration plans, and design and develop mechanical ground support equipment. C2G interfaced with engineers, designers, analysts, fabrication shop, mechanical technicians, and project staff.

Training Support FA 3.18.  C2G was tasked to oversee the day-to-day development and production of video and interactive online eLearning training modules.

Program Support FA 3.20.  C2G managed the activities of eleven process teams; monitoring progress on requirements and action items, arranging and conducting periodic reviews, and controlling budgets and costs.

Functional and Administrative Support FA 3.21.  C2G has been responsible for providing office support to several group supervisors and staff for several sections and divisions at JPL.


Ordering Activity

Alliance Technical Services, Inc. for the U.S. Air Force, 30th Contracting Squadron, 1515 Iceland Avenue, Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437

Contract/Task Order Number

12-119-00 (Prime # FA4610-12-C-0001)

Contract Type


Total Contract Cost


Period of Performance

October 2012 to September 2017

Description of Effort

The purpose of the LSS contract is to support to the 576th Flight Test Squadron, Air Force Global Strike Command, in providing ballistic missile launch and test capability at the Western Range. Support services include: launch facility refurbishment, corrosion control services, vehicle issue and control, management services, and training services which support critical mission requirements. Alliance Technical Services is the prime contractor.

As a subcontractor to ATS, C2G ensures that vehicle issue and control, equipment issue and control, environmental management, maintenance programs management, refurbishment supply management and training management are performed correctly and on-time and In Accordance With (IAW) all federal, DoD, state, and local standards.  Our personnel are located on-site in Government provided office facilities.

Types of Personnel Provided – This contract involved both Professional and Non-Professional (Service Contract Act) personnel.  The following Labor Categories were provided:


Environmental Technician

General Clerk

Supply Technicians

Vehicle Light Driver

Tool & Parts Attendants

Relevancy to Functional Areas

Training Support FA 3.18.  C2G’s Training Management services include managing Squadron and Associate units training program.  This program includes Training Management Services and Maintenance Instructional System Manager (MISM)/ISD specialist functions.

Program Support FA 3.20.  As part of the Maintenance Programs Management Services, C2G provides direct assistance to staff agencies and production activities through management of maintenance programs to include, manpower management, facility program management, support plans and mission support equipment (MSE) management.  We maintain the status of squadron facilities including updated discrepancy, critical facilities, and facility manager’s listings.  We track all facilities work orders, review facility modifications and construction plans, conduct periodic facility inspections and provide facility status to squadron leadership.


Past Performance Points of Contact

Keshav Handa (310) 528-9173 [email protected]

C2G, Inc. (C2G) is absolutely committed to the delivery of products and services that are consistent with the highest quality standards established by our customers, industry, and internal requirements. We will strive to exceed the highest expectations of our customers, and to continuously improve the quality of our products based upon customer feedback and self-analysis of our processes and procedures.

C2G has an established Quality Management System (QMS) that is ISO 9001:2008 compliant. The scope of the registration includes “engineering, logistics, and information technology services, base operations support, communications services and specialized training”. Our management system is documented in over 157 individual work instructions, checklists and forms which address all critical processes that define how we do business.  Our quality program is administered by a Quality Manager (QM) to train project personnel on the importance of quality procedures, ethics and responsibilities for all employees. Our QM institutes internal audits to identify and document non-conformance as well as identify potential improvements.

As part of our ISO 9001:2008 compliant Quality Management Program, C2G has instituted an operational system to identify, track and account for process improvements (Figure 1). This process is documented in our corporate processes.

Figure 1.  Our Existing Quality Program Has Proven Effective in Improving Services and Reducing Costs

Our Quality Program is managed by a corporate QM who trains managers/supervisors on the importance of the program and how to instill the quality ethic and personal responsibility in all employees. The QM also trains internal auditors on the basics of conducting audits on our system.

These internal auditors perform audits on a regular basis to determine if our procedures and processes are correct and are being used by the employees. Non-conformances are noted, documented and forwarded to the QM for immediate action. In addition, the auditors look for areas of improvement and forward these to the QM for consideration. Employees are also rewarded for identifying and documenting potential improvements.

All improvement candidates are forwarded to our corporate quality committee for consideration.  Those that are deemed worthy are recommended for implementation and passed to the appropriate personnel (contractor and Government) for approval. Our automated management system maintains metrics on all changes and performance improvements and cost savings are documented. This approach has worked well and has resulted in continual improvement and cost savings on all of our contracts.

When appropriate, the responsible manager informs the customer (e.g., customer Contracting Officer or PM) in writing/email of any improvements that affect our performance under a contract. Graphs showing monthly trends on the average time (in days) for completion and closeout of nonconformance and preventive actions are depicted in the Process Action Report (PAR) Database, Management Reports section.  These graphs are briefed at all Quality Steering Committee (QSC) Meetings and are a tool for senior management to gauge the effectiveness of process improvement system.

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