Mission Statement

C2G’s mission is to be one of the premiere engineering and information technology service corporations in the country, by providing the management, staffing and other resources required to apply innovative next-generation technology to the solutions of our clients’ problems.

To facilitate this mission, we strive to be a world-class team to support systems engineering, integration, and information engineering applications in each of our business areas.

Core Values

To accomplish our mission, C2G relies on the core values central to our business approach:

Exceed Customers’ Expectations

The recognition that our clients are our most important asset, sets C2G apart. We strive to understand our customers’ needs, so that we can provide the added value needed to realize their individual and corporate missions.

Apply Quality Principles

We strive to promote the principles of Quality Management to foster consistency in the development of high quality products and services that exceed our customer’s expectation and our internal corporate quality standards.

Be Accountable

We take personal responsibility to make things happen, and commit to learning and professional growth and development.

Promote Continuous Improvement

We continuously focus on evaluating and re-assessing customer needs and expectations based upon evolving mission requirements, and seek to continuously improve our level of support, in the most cost effective manner.

Seek Creative Problem Solutions

C2G empowers its people to think creatively, and develop innovative solutions through application of the latest in technology to customer problems.

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