Vehicle Operations and Maintenance

Passenger Movement

C2G provides inbound and outbound cargo movement services for general cargo, special cargo (explosives), and other special cargo, such as classified (up to and including secret), aircraft engines, high priority cargo, poisons, medical shipments, requiring special handling and documentation, other than explosives. Transportation modes include commercial and military surface and air.

Passenger movement services are coordinated and arranged for commercial surface and air or the Air Mobility Command, which coordinates scheduled military and contract airlift. C2G provides passenger transportation services for group and individual, civilian, and military, and dependent travelers on official government business. Services include travel within the United States or world-wide when required.

U-Drive-It (UDI) Service

C2G maintains fleets of approximately 330 passenger and cargo vehicles that are available to organizations for use by military and civilian personnel during travel while on Government business. Vehicles are normally leased to the government by the General Services Administration. Responsibilities for the fleets include the inspection, cleaning, servicing and accountability of the UDI vehicles.

Distinguished Visitors

C2G provides drivers and vehicles designated for the pick-up, baggage handling and protocol taxi service for Distinguished Visitors.

Aircrew Taxi and Bus Services

C2G provides aircrew taxi services for military flights landing at Peterson AFB and Colorado Springs Jet Center. Pick includes service within 10 minute response for the pickup of arriving and departing aircrews.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

C2G provides management, receipt, assignment, accountability, operation, transfer, and inspection and maintenance services for over 750 fleet vehicles, (including selected registered and non-registered equipment, and transient vehicles) in support of a number of Air Force bases. Services include minor, major, unscheduled, scheduled, and preventive maintenance services for the government non-leased vehicle fleet, mobile maintenance services; preparation of maintenance records; providing analysis and reports using the Air Force Online Vehicle Interactive Management System.

C2G provides Command vehicle pick-up and delivery service for cleaning, waxing, servicing (fuel and other fluid levels according to manufacturer specifications), and maintenance of the vehicles as noted designated below. Suitable replacement vehicles are also provided from the U-Drive-It fleets for the time the assigned vehicle is out of service.

Our staff of mechanics provides scheduled and unscheduled vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair services for the vehicles and equipment assigned to C2G. Services include inspections, servicing, and the repair of vehicles and equipment. Types of maintenance include:

  • Minor Maintenance
  • Major Maintenance
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Mobile Maintenance
  • Recovery Service (Wrecker)

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