Transportation Management and Operations

C2G provides a full range of traffic management services for base organizations including day-to-day, exercises and contingency operations. The types of services provided include the following:

Cargo Movement

C2G provides inbound and outbound cargo movement services for general cargo, special cargo (explosives), and other special cargo, such as classified (up to and including secret), aircraft engines, high priority cargo, poisons, medical shipments, requiring special handling and documentation, other than explosives. Transportation modes include commercial and military surface and air.

The Cargo Movement Operations System is used for processing and control of shipments, including regular and deployment cargo shipments. C2G personnel are certified to handle hazardous materials. C2G shall perform loading and unloading operations of aircraft, passengers, cargo and aircraft support equipment to include after duty hours. Transportation modes include commercial and both military surface and air.

Packing and Preservation

C2G provides packing and preservation and pallet build-up services for outbound cargo shipments as well as hazardous cargo certification as required. The services in this area include, operating forklift material handling equipment, checking documentation for accuracy, determining transportation mode; packaging, marking and labeling cargo for shipment based on Special Packaging Instructions or Technical Order references; certifying hazardous cargo shipments, preparing shipping documentation, obtaining airlift clearances, preparing shipping reports and provides construction or repair shipping containers as needed.

C2G serves as the administrator of the Cargo Movement Operations System are trained by the Government to serve in this capacity. System administration services include:

  • Resolving system problems between the help desk at Gunter AFB and base communications
  • Tracking system problems
  • Installing software changes as required
  • Introducing new changes and upgrades to users
  • Performing daily system back-ups

Cargo Deployments

C2G also provides personnel to support cargo deployments. Schedules for these exercises and deployments are based upon established Deployment Plans. Support includes:

  • Passenger manifesting
  • Quality control
  • Load planning
  • Support to the Cargo Movement Operations System discussed above

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