Training Services

C2G has extensive experience in the definition, design and development training materials including course definition of course curriculum, instructional materials, student instruction. Classroom Instruction was provided to the Air Force (active and reserve personnel) In addition, we have developed and deployed numerous Computer Based Training (CBT) systems in support of the Navy. Courses were developed authoring like Authorware, and 3D Studio.

Specialized Training

The partial list below identifies a of number specialized courses that C2G provides to Air Force Reserve personnel based upon requirements based upon demand.

  • Pallet Buildup Cargo
  • Manifesting Passengers
  • Holding/Loading
  • Hazardous Cargo Handler
  • Load Planning Overview
  • Cargo Preparation
  • Cargo In-check
  • Aircraft Loading
  • Hazardous Cargo
  • Load Planning Orentation
  • Supply Support
  • Microsoft Office Tools

Part Task Trainers (PPT) and CBT

We have extensive experience in development of CBT courseware including PTT for the F-14, F-16 and F-18 aircraft. We developed a series of PTT used by the Navy, U. S. Marines and certain Foreign Military Air Forces for aircrew training. The PTT are designed for operation on PC based computers. PTT provide the aircrew with a method for learning and practicing the deployment of current air weapons. Each PTT can present are configurable for weapon, weapon station and avionics software version. The active cockpit displays provide fully functional simulation of aircraft controls and the interaction required to deploy a specific weapon.

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